End of an Era – Club Changes

Morning All,

So by now most of you will have heard the news, but sadly some of you won’t so I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of some import changes happening at the club, and importantly why they are happening.

In short I am leaving Norfolk and moving to Dorset (Debbie & the boys too). I have taken a new job down in Poole and start in April.


Over the last few months I have had multiple bereavements in my family, including the death of my dad February this year. Those who have died had all suffered long periods of medical/ill health issues. Personally I have had 12+ months continuous issues and extreme pressure at work, all in all resulting in my own personal health issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, chest pains, memory issues and a few others to boot.

I and my family need a change, a fresh start. This new role presented itself as an opportunity that I need to take in order to regain some balance in mine and my families life.

Therefore the hardest part of moving to Dorset is not the house hunting, but the people we will be leaving behind (5 hours each way is a bit of a long drive to teach a class on a Wednesday).

The club has been part of my life for nearly 12 years and the people in it have become my extended family. I have seen many of you grow up from junior school, into and out of high school. So please don’t think I am just up and going and leaving the club without a care.

So saying that I have offered Kevin & Larry the opportunity to continue their training by taking the next step and becoming instructors, which they have accepted. So from 1st April the club will no longer be Wards Karate, but become NMA Jutsu.

Things will change and will be slightly different, but all clubs run uniquely to the students who attend and the instructors who teach them, otherwise you end up with Mc’Dojo, something I have always disapproved of.

Importantly Kevin & Larry know you the students and continue to have that that thirst for martial knowledge and gaining knowledge through experience, they regularly attend training sessions and seminars around the country as testament to this. Larry has had several years teaching experience in Tae Kwon Do and as a personal trainer, so is used to the stuff required to “run the club”.

One of the changes which does directly affect a couple of you will be the age limit for the class, which will be 13+. Existing students under 13 will still be able to train as normal up to and including 20th April 2018 when at midnight the insurance expires.

Student details have now been passed to Kevin and Larry so they will be able to send you further information on the changes going forward.

It would be beneficial if we could arrange a social event within the next 2-3 weeks, so that parents especially could meet Kevin and Larry for those who don’t really know them.

Hopefully the above explains some of the reasoning behind the changes, it was not an easy decision to make, to start afresh so far away, but I have to do what is best for my immediate family.

I will miss you all and hopefully see you when I pop back up for occasional visits.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns on any of the above please feel free to get in touch.




My Final Session & Social

Hi All

Next Wednesday (28th March) will be my last session. We also need to fit in a social, but with Easter a couple of days later that might make it difficult for everyone. So we have planned that class next week will end at 8pm, where all students and parents are then invited to join us at Bilton’s (top of the road on the A10) for drinks and a social. Obviously both Kevin & Larry will be there so you can meet them if you haven’t before, and ask any questions etc you might have.

For those who I won’t see on Wednesday next week, it has been a pleasure to be part of your/your child’s martial arts journey over the years, may you continue to develop into great martial artists (and no that does not just mean fighting skills 😉 )