Grading – Sunday 26th November

It is with much delight that I can now announce that the final grading of the year will be on Sunday 26th November, at Tottenhill Village Hall.

For this grading we will be having Master Sahota (8th Dan) examining all students, especially as we have a 2nd Dan, a 3rd Dan and a 5th Dan grading happening all on the same day.

Running order for the day:-

9.00am – Hall opens for arrival/last minute practise

9.45am – Pre-grading warm-up (mandatory attendance)

10.00am – Grading starts

11.00am – Those attempting Yellow/8th Kyu or lower – finish

12.00pm – Those attempting Purple-White/4th Kyu or lower – finish

01.00pm – Those attempting Brown-Double-White/1st Kyu or lower – finish

02.00pm – Those attempting Dan grades – finish

Costs for grading:-

Coloured Belt – £25

Black Belt – £75

Please note that fees must be paid no later than the week before the grading, either cash or directly into the club bank account.

Gi’s & Required Equipment:-

All students attempting Brown Belt/3rd Kyu or higher must wear a plain black Karate Gi, students attempting grades below Brown belt/3rd Kyu may wear either a full plain black Karate Gi or white-jacket black trousers Karate Gi.

All students must have correctly fitted and in good order either PU/Plastic or leather grade sparring kits, consisting of head, hands & feet. Groin guards should be worn by males at all times under their Gi, females should wear a chest guard at all time under their Gi.

Those attempting grading’s with weapons please bring with you your weapons of choice.


A full syllabus for the grading will be published shortly, but the main emphasis of the day will be quality of technique.


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