Titles & Recommended Reading

If you are looking for some general Karate reading, or for a reference guide, I have put together a basic list of titles. For standard karate reference material I would recommend Sahota over van-Weenen.

The list also includes some slightly more advanced training/application concepts (anything by Abernethy), some historical context (Funakoshi) and some stretching/injury rehabilitation (Walker).


There are many titles and topics available, starting simple is best, you can build your library over many years.



What is the maximum age I can start Karate?

There is no upper age limit on starting Karate with us. Our only requirement is that you declare all medical information/conditions to us so that we can tailor your training appropriately.

That said, students aged 70 or higher are required to have a doctors letter stating that they are fit enough to attend a sports/martial arts class. This must then be refreshed every 12 months.

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