Ward-Ryu Karate

Ward-Ryu Karate is the term used to describe the style of Karate taught to both teens and adults within the club (named after the clubs chief instructor Sensei Simon Ward). It is based on traditional Shotokan Karate but takes influences from other styles & methods such as Goju-Ryu & Karate-Jutsu, and even other martial arts such as Aikido and Wung Chun. Taking the best of all influences for the students own development. Ward-Ryu is a fluid system that enables each student to have a tailored martial arts practise that works for them.

There is less quantity and more quality emphasis with Ward-Ryu. Taking everything the Kata (patterns/forms) has to offer, not only as a art form, but also breaking them down into applications, partner drills, self-defence and weapons work.


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